Street Date - May 18,2010
Format - Multi Disc
SRP - $14.99
Genre - PWPWXX
Status - Not Visible

Track Listing
01. In Christ Alone - Stuart Townend
02. Here I Am To Worship - Tim Hughes
03. To You O Lord - Graham Kendrick
04. Hosanna - Brenton Brown
05. Majesty - Delirious?
06. Ever Faithful God - Paul Oakley
07. The Way That You Father Me - Eoghan Heaslip
08. Your Love Is Everything - Chris McClarney
09. Love Came Down - Ben Cantelon
10. Blessed Be Your Name - Matt Redman
11. Whole World In His Hands - Tim Hughes
12. Blessing & Honor - Aaron Keys
13. Adoration - Brenton Brown
14. There Is A Day - Lou Fellingham
01. History Maker - Delirious?
02. God Of Justice - Tim Hughes
03. O God Of Love - Lou Fellingham
04. God Of Our Yesterdays - Chris McClarney
05. Salvation's Song - Stuart Townend
06. The Voice Of Hope - Lara Martin
07. Praise The Mighty Name Of Jesus - Jocelyn Brown
08. Behold The Lamb (The Communion Hymn) - Stuart Townend
09. Who Is There Like You - Paul Oakley
10. Creation's King - Graham Kendrick
11. Jesus You Are Worthy - Brenton Brown
12. Love Mercy - Andy Bromley
13. Worthy You Are Worthy - Matt Redman
14. Not Guilty Anymore - Aaron Keys
Mission Worship
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Mission Worship - In Christ Alone
Recorded Music

‘In Christ Alone’ says it all; a song of substance, a tonic for the global church, an inspiration to millions looking to live out their faith in flesh and blood. Stuart Townend’s classic modern hymn has become an anthem that will stand and resound for years to come. In Christ Alone - Mission Worship's first compilation - takes its cue from the song itself. Together with other songs soaked in substance, lyrical depth and stirring melodies, the album is an adventure in truth, a journey back to the authentic heart of worship, a step forward to a new era of worship laid bare.

  • 2CD collection of worship songs of substance and lyrical depth
  • Well known artists performing their best known songs
  • 28 songs with high familiarity to people of faith everywhere
  • Value priced at just $14.99!

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