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Street Date - April 06,2010
Format - CD
SRP - $13.99
Genre - RKRKXX
Status - Deleted Title

Track Listing
01. Youth Cats
02. Warrior (Southern Arrowwood)
03. Bedroom Galaxy
04. Tiny Sparkle
05. Famous for a Century
06. Edge of Wilderness
07. Pretty Snarl
08. Star Blankets
09. Blush
10. Whale Bones
11. Silver Mountain
12. New Track 112
13. New Track 113
Secret & Whisper
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Teenage Fantasy
Recorded Music

Canada's finest, Secret & Whisper, are back at it, with their follow up to 2008's Great White Whale, the band pulled out all the stop with Teenage Fantasy working with producer Jeff Schneeweis (Hawthorne Heights, Number One Gun) to craft a master piece that leaves you inspired and moved by their musical work. Teenage Fantasy is an album showcasing a band at its prime, pushing the status-quo of rock.

Secret & Whisper have made a name for themselves across the globe, from sold out shows on the West Coast to playing Japan’s Loud Rock Festival, Secret & Whisper is known for their live performances and relentlessly catchy, guitar driven rock songs. Fronted by singer Charles Furney’s unique vocal delivery, Secret & Whisper is a stand out amongst the seas of current bands. Their sophomore release “Teenage Fantasy” builds on the groundwork of 2008’s “Great White Whale”, this sophomore release sees the band pushing boundaries, creating a symphony of show gazing rock. Be sure to catch the band on tour in 2010 and 2011. Whether it’s on CD or at a show, Secret & Whisper seems to be incapable of disappointment.

  • Over 18,000 scans On Thier Debut Record!
  • On Tour with Emery
  • Launching a Specialty/College Radio campaign
  • On tour throughout 2010!
  • 60,000 MySpace Friends and Over 4 Million MySpace Plays

    RADIO SINGLE: Warrior (Southern Arrowwood)

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